What is Alarm Threshold
The default value for the alarm-threshold is 30%. Alarm Threshold represents the percentage of workers that you want to get notified about if having issues on a particular scheduler. You can change this percentage from the scheduler settings to a value that better suits your facility.

Why should I care?
Given the state of the mining hardware available in the market it's no secret that every facility has a percentage of bad workers that keep having issues which need to be addressed on a daily basis. Getting a notification every time a worker goes down would send a ton of notifications which can easily become annoying spam instead of useful information. Alarm Threshold enables the Stratumsphere team to control the amount of notifications they receive.

What is the right value of Alarm Threshold?
The right value is the percentage of workers that you are OK with going down or are already aware of their downtime/issues. The default of 30% is chosen because it works for most facilities but if you want to get an alarm triggered on a much lower number of faulty workers, feel free to change it from the scheduler settings.

This threshold can also represent the workers connected to the personal pool on a scheduler. In a lot of cases our customers use personal pools only as a backup of workers for their rentals, such that they could take place of a worker in the event there is an issue. Setting the alarm threshold equal to the personal hashrate percentage will let you know if the state of the facility is affecting the delivery of the hashrate to the customers and alert you to actively do something about it.
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