The short answer is that trying to split your hashrate is a bad idea.

When first-time customers see the Hashrate Threshold scheduler method they typically will ask if this means they can split their worker's hashrate. Take their 10 TH/s worker and rent out 1 TH/s to individual customers as an example. Trying to do this through our service will produce inaccurate rental results, high invalid share-rates (30-40%) and cause your worker to spin down/up frequently which will also lower it's effective hashrate overall as a unit. This is not an issue with Stratumsphere but the fault of the worker's local hardware and mining software. The way that a majority of mining equipment is designed, it only delivers single shares at a time. Simply put, there is no way to "split" this share effectively. Currently, we do not restrict your ability to try this but you will more than likely come to the same conclusion.

Some may ask "Such and such cloud mining company sells 1 MH/s contracts". That is because they are cutting their customers a share of the payout and not the actual hashrate. Stratumsphere is a 100% transparent platform, and as such the real valid shares (that cannot be split) has to show up at the end-user's mining pool account.
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