Follow this 6 step process to configure a slack webhook and start receiving scheduler notifications in a slack channel.

Step 1

Go to the menu from your slack app and choose Administration > Manage apps.

Apps from Menu

Step 2

Choose "Custom Integrations" from the side-menu and click on "Incoming Webhooks".

Go to Webhooks

Step 3

Click the green button that reads "Add Configuration" from the side-menu.

Add a Configuration

Step 4

Choose an existing slack channel from the list or create a new one, then click on the "Add Incoming Webhook Integration" button.

Choose a Slack Channel

Step 5

This will generate a new webhook URL with other settings that can be customized. Copy the generated webhook URL.

Copy Webhook URL

Step 6

Login to your Stratumsphere account. Choose "Account" from the side-menu on the left. Then choose "Notifications" from the sub-menu on the top. Now you can paste the copied webhook URL to the "Slack Webhook" section. Click Save and you're good to go.

Paste Webhook URL

Once you complete the above process, you should start getting scheduler notifications in the channel selected in "step 4". You can mute the channel if you don't want to actively monitor the status. To remove the webhook simply remove the webhook URL from the "Slack Webhook" section in the notifications settings page and save.
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