Worker modes give an operator the flexibility to set and track their worker inventory status as well as select which workers are available for rental.

Available Worker Modes

This is the default worker mode. Worker is available for mining, rental, or failover as needed.

Internal Use Only
Worker will only mine on the personal pool. Use this setting for miners that you don’t want to use for rental.
Workers that you want to reserve for your own use.
Workers that regularly have poor performance.

Worker will only mine on the personal pool. However, it has been flagged for maintenance and will not be used for rental, failover, or notification triggers. This is intended to inform other staff that the worker in question will/is being fixed.

Updating Worker Modes

Click the list icon under "Controls" in the Workers tab on your scheduler and select which mode you'd like the worker to operate on:

List Icon
Updating worker mode GIF:
Setting the Worker Mode
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