Hashrate Threshold Overview

Hashrate Threshold or Threshold for short is 1 of 2 failover methods available for the HASH Scheduler.

Threshold Schedulers maintain the assigned hashrate on rentals and are agnostic of the number of workers assigned. Workers with varying hashrate and specifications can be utilized with this method.

Example Situation

Customer Joe rents 100 TH/s. You set the tolerance threshold for 10%. If a worker degrades, fails, or disconnects while mining for Joe's rental and the hashrate drops below 90 TH/s then a worker(s) from your personal pool is automatically provisioned over to Joe's rental and Joe never sees any significant difference on his mining pool account. The degraded worker will provision onto your personal pool and mine for you until you repair it.


Sell chunks of hashrate
Flexible and agile
Unbiased failover
Mix/Match units


Works within a range
Complex use insight
Workers jump more frequently

Misc Observations

Hashrate Threshold allows you to set tolerances specific to an individual rental. If you have a customer that is unhappy and constantly monitoring the setup you can set their specific tolerance to a lower percentage. This can be useful in a lot of customer service situations.
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