Miner-to-Miner Overview

Miner-to-Miner or M2M for short is 1 of 2 failover methods available for the HASH Scheduler.

M2M will provide failover for individual workers that are connected to the scheduler and assigned to a rental. If a worker falls out of tolerance, fails, or disconnects then the worker is replaced by another worker from the personal pool.

Example Situation

Customer Bob rents 20 ASIC Miners. Your allowed worker deviation (tolerance) for the M2M scheduler Bob's rental exists on is 20%. One of the ASIC miners has a failed blade 5 days into the rental, resulting in 33% loss of hashrate for that specific miner (worker) which triggers the failover because the unit is more than 20% out of tolerance (degraded). An ASIC miner from your personal pool is then provisioned over to Bob's rental and Bob never sees a difference on his mining pool account. The ASIC miner with 33% loss of hashrate is then provisioned onto your personal pool and mines for you until you repair it.


Ability to rental single units
Simple use insight
Stable and accurate
Instant changes


M2M requires workers with similar hashrates. You cannot mix and match workers of different hashrates.
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