The High Availability Stratum Hub & Scheduler is an hashrate orchestration system intended for crypto-currency mining providers. It enables mining providers with the ability to lease individual mining rigs or chunks of hashrate to their end-users without interruption from failed or degraded units. The provider’s end-users receives hashrate on their pool of choice pointed at their account or address. It is built inside the Stratumsphere Management App and provided in a Software-as-a-Service format.

Mining rigs that are not provisioned to end-user’s will mine to a personal base pool set by the provider. In the event of power failure, poor-performance, network failure, or hardware failure with a mining rig(s) the HASH Scheduler will automatically provision a mining rig from the provider’s base pool and point it at the end-user’s rental pool. Creating a seamless hashrate delivery experience for the end-user and allowing the provider to fix the fault on their own schedule.
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