Worker Status Example

Definitions of the worker status as viewed on your HASH Scheduler's Worker Inventory Page:

Healthy - No problems, worker is operating properly.

Degraded - Miner out of tolerance from baseline (Adjust Setting: Allowed Worker Deviation from Baseline Percent).

Failure - No share submission within the allocated time period (Adjust Setting: Declare Worker Faulty After Inactivity Setting)

Offline - Nothing, connection timeout and worker completely unresponsive.

New (Baselining) - Baseline being taken over a 3 hour period, making the worker unavailable for rental.

Error (Rebaseline!) - There was an issue with the worker while baselining, such as a disconnection. you need to Recalibrate the baseline again.

Duplicate - 2 workers share the same name. Not available for rental until fixed.
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